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Need further help or have questions?

Be sure to check the HOME page. We try to answer most common questions there. Send us a message or Call Toll Free +1-267-521-0424
We will reply within 2 working days

Please check out the FAQ below to see if it answers any of your questions 🙂

If not, you may contact us here: https://direct.lc.chat/11728293/
We will reply within 2 working days.

What are the delivery times?
It takes around 3-4 working days for the US and 14-18 days for international orders.
Where is my order?
Upon payment, your order will get processed in 1 working day, in which our fulfilment center will start packing and shipping your order, upon the shipment of your order you will receive an email with your tracking link. Please keep a lookout for it!
How can I contact you?
The best way is to send us a ticket using the URL above, or you can drop us an email at [email protected]
What if I need to speak to someone?
We have found out the best way of communication is through a ticketing/email system, that way we can keep track of our communication with you with as little misunderstanding as possible! And upon any issues we have the chat history to assist you with your order or questions.
Will my credit card statement reveal what I bought?
Your card statement will show an order by “GREENSKYPT” or similar, which belongs to the parent company. There will be no link back to this website.
What will you do to my information I provide?
Your name/address/email/phone details are kept strictly confidential and only used to faciliate the processing of the order, your information will not be sold or exchanged or given away under any circumstances.
How quickly can I see results with your product?
We’d love to give you a guarantee but it varies from person to person, their age, physical shape, etc. You’ll usually get to see effects by the end of the first bottle, and that’s why many of our customers buy month after month to sustain those results 🙂
Where is the product manufactured and shipped from?
Products are manufactured in a FDA approved facility in the US. Ships out from the same factory in the US.
What are the modes of payment?
We accept both card and PayPal. You may pay using your credit card using the PayPal option, no account is required.
Is my card going to be charged monthly?
Your orders are a one-time sale, there are no recurring charges unless explicitly and very clearly mentioned.
I don’t have PayPal how do I buy?
You can pay still using the PayPal option by entering your card details with no PayPal account required.